Run Locally

Run Locally

The easiest way to try OSv locally is to use the Capstan tool to run one of the images from our public repository.

##Install Capstan

Linux/Mac Installation

Copy the following bash command and paste it to your terminal

curl | bash

Capstan is now installed.


Using yum

sudo yum -y install
sudo yum -y install capstan

Or download the RPM

Courtesy of our friends at CloudRouter!

Windows Installation

Install capstan on Windows 8.1

More on Win install here

##Run OSv with Capstan The following will use capstan to download and run basic OSv image with CLI

$ capstan run cloudius/osv
Created instance: cloudius-osv
OSv v0.10


Building and running from sources

If you want to run OSv from sources, start by cloning the git project:

$ git clone

Then follow the instructions in the README file.

Data collection

OSv binaries collect and send some basic data at each boot. For more information, see osv-stat.