Management usage and API

OSv places all management endpoints in a single location: a simple, documented REST API. All management operations can be done using your chosen management tools, or your own scripts, over HTTP.

OSv Dashboard screenshot

An optional in-browser dashboard is available. The dashboard provides live updates and includes:

  • OS basics such as memory usage and CPU load

  • Tracepoints for all system and application functionality

  • JMX endpoints (using the Jolokia JMX-over-REST connector)

  • Application-specific metrics, which can be added by the application developer.

REST API details

On a cloud environment of multiple instances, it is inefficient to interact with each instance using a conventional GUI or CLI designed for hardware servers. The OSv REST API simplifies management.


The cloud-init mechanism provides a simple way to provide per-instance configuration parameters to an OSv VM at boot time. It is useful for booting many clustered instances of a horizontally scaled application such as a NoSQL database.

OSv cloud-init works the same way across public and private clouds, so a cloud-init configuration developed in-house will work anywhere you choose to deploy—perfect for hybrid cloud environments.