Development to Devops

Development to Devops

OSv gives developers the power to build and run on the cloud with the minimum of overhead. As you make incremental improvements in your application, you can create working VM images, ready to deploy anywhere, in real time.

Minimal overhead

OSv includes just the operating system basics, in a clean, bottom-up implementation including only the features required for cloud deployment, without device drivers, local users, or other legacy functionality.

Simple configuration

OSv’s simple, modern configuration is available through a REST API. There’s no need to spend time on complex tools to modify the config files of a conventional OS. Even a basic install of a commonly-used Linux distribution has 198 config files, in a variety of formats. On OSv, everything is configurable using REST.

Rapid iteration

With OSv, you can treat virtual machine images the same as any other build artifact. OSv adds only about 12MB to the size of the application, plus the size of the Java Virtual Machine, if included. And you’ll be making VM images in only a few seconds more than your application build already takes.

With OSv-enabled VM images at your fingertips any time in the build process, the possibilities are endless. Easily scale a test environment horizontally. Deploy to remote locations or public clouds without the wait. Ideas welcome.

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