All Cloudius OSv binaries collect and send data at each boot

Starting from OSv v0.15, all downloadable binary and OSv Virtual Appliances send basic information at boot to a centralize remote log.

We do this to collect usage metrics in order to allocate resources correctly.

If you build OSv from source, the monitoring agent is not enabled by default.

Monitoring message at boot

At boot time, the following message will be written to OSv dmesg log file:

This version of OSv will send a report each time it is booted to Cloudius Systems. For more on information collected, how and why it is stored, and how to disable reporting, see osv.io/osv-stat

Data reported

  • A randomly generated UUID for each boot

  • Operating system name, always “OSv” (/os/name)

  • OSv version

  • Date

  • Total memory

  • Free memory at boot time

  • Command run at boot (/os/cmdline)

  • Hypervisor used

  • Processor count, if available

  • JVM version (if installed)

Disabling monitoring

You can disable the monitoring system in cloud-init, starting with OSv version 0.15 beta. Use this configuration:

	enable: false

You can also build OSv from source yourself


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