Run Locally

Run Locally

The easiest way to try OSv locally is to use the Capstan tool to run one of the images from our public repository.

Install Capstan

Linux/Mac Installation

Copy the following bash command and paste it to your terminal

curl | bash

Capstan is now installed.


Using yum

sudo yum -y install
sudo yum -y install capstan

Or download the RPM

Courtesy of our friends at CloudRouter!

Windows Installation

Install capstan on Windows 8.1

More on Win install here

Run OSv with Capstan

The following will use capstan to download and run basic OSv image with CLI

$ capstan run cloudius/osv
Created instance: cloudius-osv
OSv v0.10


Building and running from sources

If you want to run OSv from sources, start by cloning the git project:

$ git clone

Then follow the instructions in the README file.

Data collection

OSv binaries collect and send some basic data at each boot. For more information, see osv-stat.